What is “psycho-educational testing”?
  • Psycho-educational testing, (may also be referred to as “psychological testing”, “psychological assessment”, “psychological evaluation”, “LD testing”, “psychological battery”, “IQ/achievement testing”), is an in-depth individualized assessment of a student's cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. Psycho-educational testing is helpful in developing a description of how a student learns, identifying areas that might need support, and diagnosing or ruling out learning disabilities and other conditions that may require special educational interventions. Psycho-educational testing is also helpful in identifying gifted and talented students. Psycho-educational testing may be required to document disabilities requiring accommodations in school, college, or the workplace, under federal law.


Who does psycho-educational testing?
  • Psycho-educational testing can be performed by a school psychologist, a clinical psychologist, or a neuropsychologist. It may also be performed by a trainee in any of these fields under the supervision of a licensed school psychologist, clinical psychologist, or neuropsychologist. Educators, including some teachers, tutors, and learning specialists are able to perform psychoeducational testing in the form of certain individual achievement tests but only licensed psychologists or their supervisees can perform individualized intelligence testing, usually a vital part of a full psycho-educational evaluation.


How do I know if my child needs psycho-educational testing?
  • If your child seems to be underachieving in school, chronically struggling in a certain academic area, showing very inconsistent progress across academic areas, or if you or teachers suspect that your child has a unique style of learning which presents challenges, psycho-educational testing may be helpful. The first step in a complete psycho-educational evaluation is an interview with the parents to develop a complete history and description of the concerns. Often, rating scales, review of school records, consultation with teachers, and, sometimes, classroom observations are used to help determine what tests, if any, can be used to help address your questions and concerns.


How are the results of the testing communicated?
  • Susan Weltner-Brunton, Ph.D. & Associates, Inc. is committed to providing clear, complete, and understandable written and verbal reports. We will provide you with a written report, meet with you in person to explain the results, and conference with schools, at your request. Every report will include educational recommendations.


Will my child's school accept your findings and recommendations?
  • We will talk with you about working with your school to optimize successful collaboration. Parents have the right to seek independent psycho-educational evaluations. We use tests which are acceptable under state guidelines for evaluating special educational needs. We enjoy working with school personnel and have good success with schools accepting our report.


How much does psycho-educational testing cost?
  • The fee for psycho-educational testing is $205.00 per hour of testing, scoring, interpretation, and report writing. The fee for the initial interview with parents is $230.00 per 45-minutes and the fee for the feedback meeting is $180.00 per 45-minutes. Health insurance may cover some or all of these costs, depending upon the purpose of the assessment and the stipulations of your insurance plan. This will all be addressed so that you are given the best estimate possible of your out-of-pocket financial responsibility before the evaluation is conducted.